Project Overview

This project involved the development of a web application for Kotak Life Insurance, focusing on simplifying the customer onboarding process.

Problem Statement

Traditionally, onboarding new insurance policy holders involved manual and time-consuming procedures like physical document verification. This lead to delays and a less-than-ideal customer experience.

Solution Statement

The web application streamlines Kotak Life's online PCVC process. It integrates their CRM with our Personalized Video Solution, automating steps and boosting efficiency.

UI Design
UX Design
  • Features
    • Online PCVC process
    • CRM Integration
    • Personalized Video Solution
  • Industry

    Life Insurance

  • See the Live Site
User Flow
User Validation &
Welcome Screen

User Page

Policy Detail &

Policy Details

Video eKYC &
Thank You

Video Page

  • Designed and Developed with Cutting-Edge Tools

    The web app is built with Figma, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Modern technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript) ensure a smooth experience. A secure PHP back-end with a MySQL database manages data efficiently, meeting financial industry standards.

Final Product

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