Why Your Business Needs A Faster Website

2.5 seconds is not fast

Users begin to drop off a site when its response time is longer than 2.5 seconds according to latest usability research. (Source: Forrester Research)

Buffering = dropout

80% of internet users stop watching a video if it buffers.

Each second = 10% revenue loss

100ms load time increase for Amazon.com = to 1% loss of their revenues.

Each microsecond counts

1 second load time increase for an e-commerce website = 7% loss in conversions, 11% fewer page views and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. (Source: Aberdeen Group)

2 second = 25% improvement in employee efficiency

1 second load time improvement of an enterprise application such as Dashboards, CRM, ERP, Inventory management etc. leads to one hour saved each day per employee.

SEO is serious business

Page load time is one of the many factors that determine where in the Search Engine Results Google places your website. Many business drive millions of visitors from Google.

Global is local

China, India and Indonesia counts for more than 50% of worldwide new Internet users. With such diversified internet growth in the globe your website needs to load fast in each country, not in just yours.

Mobile is growing

Global mobile traffic is growing rapidly to more than 10% of Internet traffic. In next two years 40% of the visitors will be from mobile. Make your website load fast and win more customers.

200% faster website will result in 100% more convertions

20% better performance of France Television websites resulted in approximately 10% more page views and revenues.

Mobile is critical

Average Revenue per User (ARpU) is still 2-5X lower on mobile than desktop devices because of poor experience

Advantages of Web Designing by Infomanav

Websites built by us include most of the website optimisation techniques already implemented. Times of mobile and app-based internet force more and more content providers, content makers, and online vendors to simplify navigation and improve user experience, primarily the page load time of their website. Just one second of delay can cause up to 7% loss in customer conversions. With our server management experience your content is replicated from one server to over 200 servers, scattered all over the globe. In this way, data is served to the end-user from the surrogate server located nearest to him. The value of this is overall improvement of retail service delivery and the guarantee of retaining customers. Moreover, content delivery market is expected to soar to $7.4 billion by 2017, and entrepreneurs are to recognize this switch to cloud computing rather sooner than later.

Major benefits of building a faster website

Increasing the website speed affects everything, from your internal architecture to the cost of your web staff/agency, performance management and more. True power of a faster website is yet to be revealed in coming years with mobile growth, as it soars by 20% each year, but so far, the major advantages of getting one are:

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