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Infomanav is focused on providing customized web solutions to companies across the world. We believe that internet is an ever evolving, competitive and a very innovative medium for brand awareness. The target audience, with their short attention spans and a host of competitive choices give you just about 2 seconds to capture their imagination!

Presentation and design is the differentiator. A culmination of impactful graphics, aesthetic fonts, relevant images and pleasing colors could bring out the best in your site.

Why Choose Infomanav?

Business Understanding

We understand the business, planning, working, urgency & implementation and that helps us in building the right solution. We are confident that we will be able to deliver the best websites in the industry


Creatives are critical for any project. We have a great understanding for the creative requirement for each running event organized by Procam. We have already designed some creatives for the social community and email newsletters. We are confident that the designs for the website will be stunning.

Robust Coding

We have built robust web apps from startups to fortune 500 companies. Compliant and audited by the best in the world. We know what works on the web.

xHTML and
CSS 3 and
AJAX and

SEO Compatible

Be assured of some of the best SEO compatible coding tactics. From URLs to clean code to fast loading pages to best server hosting.

  • Google Analytics
  • Server Analytics
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Web Standard Compliance
  • URLs, Meta keywords and copy

Social Integration

The best social integration with your websites, we have not just the expertise but also the access to the social strategy. Lets align these two beautifully and engage the users.

Speed and Performance

Slow websites are the thing of the past. We code/design/optimise for speed and performance. Every image, every page, every piece of code is optimized for speed. You do not get on top of the best search engines and impress the users without that.

We Build Awesome
Responsive Websites

A large number of users are using different browsers and devices. Be assured of the best browser and mobile compatibility practices. User experience matters and mobile audience is 5 times more than web in India.

Our Methodology

We Help Strategize

We understand the business strategy and then align it with the web strategy to keep you ahead of competition. We take responsibility for the best web standards. Include us in your business discussions and we will support business objectives with the best web strategy.

Milestones, Goals, Results

Most of the IT projects fail or get delayed because of poor planning. At Infomanav benefit from the well planned and executed project management and the use of best processes and tools that eliminate delays and confirms on time delivery.

Relationship Manager

As long as there is a legitimate need we will turn the world upside down to make it happen. Always available for the project updates/requirements.

  • Regular Meetings
  • Performance Reports
  • Change Requests Execution
  • Critical/Urgent Change Requests


Most users come to a website for updated information. It is important to keep the website up to date. We have a systematic process to handle change request and use industry's best tools and software to execute requirements. When you assign changes to us, consider it done.


Benefit from our web and IT expertise. We are happy to help you consult on other business challenges where IT can help.

  • Intranet Solutions
  • Tools to organize
  • Software and cloud solutions

Escalation Matrix

We have learned over the years that smarter planning and execution can only take care of 90% needs, for the other 10% feel free to escalate to next level of expertise. Infomanav is run by people with high technical skills and business understanding. We are happy to help.


Infomanav is backed by ethical philosophy and values client confidentiality. Most clients share their business strategy and insights with us. Put your trust in us, there is a reason why we named our company Manav (human).

Your website is your spokesperson. It speaks for you when you're not accessible to answer. Would you want to leave your brand management to someone who may be boring, unimpressive or outdated? If not, then shouldn't the same apply to your website?

The Solution is Simple

A website that has an innovative design, relevant information,ease of accessibility and is filled with refreshing ideas! Our team understands that every client's site is unique and requires an approach that is out of the box! We provide creative and technical expertise to make your website work for your business.

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